The Casino Games that have captured the hearts of millions of players in Uganda

. Blackjack

Try to reach a figure close to the number 21, and in the same hand the house loses or reaches further than you. The croupier is obliged to ask at 16, and stay when he is 17 or more. The main attraction is that it gives you a feeling of awesome control, if you draw your play will be free and it is very easy to learn to play it. One of the favorite casino games in Uganda.

. Slots

Of the most attractive casino games that was born at the end of the 19th century, by the hand of a great inventor and automotive mechanic, Charles August Fey, in San Francisco. He is considered the father of automatic bets. This game can be very, very varied, with options impossible to enumerate, but that mainly tries to bet on the alignment of figures in certain patterns to claim prizes. There are slots that can award millions of dollars in a single spin!

. Roulette

The favorite of many mathematicians and statistics enthusiasts, this game of unknown origin is claimed as the invention of many different countries. It is mainly a ball that is thrown into the lane of a roulette divided into 37 or 38 sections, and that at the end of each turn of it will end up resting in one of them. Can you guess which one?

. Video Poker
Video Poker

Are you good at lying? How good do you consider yourself to discover others who lie to you? The success of Poker has transcended times and borders perhaps to this fun way to approach a game. Created in the 18th century within the United States, this card game can gather up to 10 players in some versions. Make sure you study your opponents well before you bet everything against them!

. Baccarat

Originally from France, this card game entertains its enthusiasts with three main variants: the bench point, the chemin de fer, and the two tables. It is said that it was played at first with Tarot cards, between Italy and France, who dispute their origin. It is about reaching the number closest to 9 and beating the house, and it is one of the games that offers the least advantage to the casino.

. Dices

Another classic of the movies and the mysterious world of casinos. Try to guess the result by throwing a pair of dice, remembering that the statistically most frequent sum is seven, although it is also one of the bets that pays less. It is considered a very transparent game for its lack of complexity, although the statistics that are behind are very intricate.

Who has not enjoyed the elegance of a James Bond scene playing Roulette or Poker? There are many casino games that have been tattooed in the imagination of society as icons of pop culture, and that definitely came to stay in the Top 10 of the favorites.

We know that we are in a position of great privilege at the moment of explosion in technological creativity of the casino. We are witnessing gigantic steps every year in the entertainment industry, but the classics we are going to tell you about will be played forever, either against robots, on Mars, or inside our flying vehicles.